About Me

Good Afternoon, I'm Kristian. I'm a UK based Conversion Rate Optimisation Consultant and Digital Marketing Expert and I work with small and medium sized businesses to grow their Online Sales through Conversion Rate Optimisation combined with the implementation of highly targeted, effective online marketing.

I have been working with clients to increase their conversion rates on their web stores and website for the last five years, 90% of my completed jobs are carrying out conversion rate audits and implementing the plans afterwards which usually involves ongoing split testing and improved pay per click advertising.

I'd love to help you grow your sales and profits! I work with many clients large and small on their websites and I can often make immediate improvements to conversion rates that significantly impact your sales straight away.

Recent Clients include:

















All of my most recent clients have similar situations. They want to sell more online. They might want more e-commerce sales at a profitable and repeatable acquisition cost.

My solution is to complete an in depth analysis of the clients website and combine 20 years e-commerce experience with best practice Conversion Rate optimisation. I complete a thorough audit of google analytics data combined with any other available data such as user behaviour tools like Hotjar or Crazyegg. I then carry out User Testing to identify immediate conversion roadblocks on the site. Where applicable I will also take a look at audience behaviours and PPC targeting results to understand the most applicable target audience. The report I present is a thorough audit of your site containing recommendations and suggested tests to deploy to increase your conversions. The report contains details of immediate concerns, recommendations for site UX improvements and a list of suggested split testing experiments designed to improve Conversion rate. If you want me to continue my work and implement the report afterwards I'd be happy to work with you at an agreed fixed cost or hourly rate to suit you.  My goal is to improve the user experience and reduce friction of your website which results in increased sales and leads through encouraging a higher percentage of visitors to take the preferred action on the site.



A project I recently worked on is for knitinabox.com. I have worked with the client since July 18 and my goal was to improve the site design and user experience whilst improving the conversion rate and effectiveness of online advertising traffic.


My results are:

Conversion rate improved from 1.7% to 3.7% resulting in sales increase from an average of $2,200 a month to $11,000+ in 9 months

Implementation of Reviews (Now 480+ 5 star reviews)

Implementation of Email Marketing (30% of revenue now comes from Automated Emails)

Site Improvements (After auditing product pages and through split testing I increased on page conversions by over 300%

FB Marketing campaign creation and optimisation- I have delivered conversions for under £5.00

I charge £400 for an in-depth audit and conversion rate report which contains actionable steps and experiments to improve your conversion rate. If you then decide you would like me to implement the work afterwards we can arrange a mutually convenient fixed rate or project.


In order to complete my report I require admin access to your store along with as much data as you have EG Google Analytics, Hotjar, Google Ads, Facebook Ads data. I understand you have just launched so if you don't have much data yet I can still carry out an audit based on good practice and user testing.

I'm a Shopify Partner and I'm also qualified as a Google Ads professional and I have a CRO certified professional degree by the industry's leading body and I'm an Upwork Top Freelancer with 100% 5 star feedback on my work. 

If you need help growing your ecommerce sales and profits contact me today to discuss how we can work together to help you achieve your goals.

I look forward to answering any questions you may have,

Kind Regards

Kristian Jeffrey

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